Class Structure

The Huntersville Speech and Debate classes seek to teach students to communicate well, in a way that glorifies God.

The speech and debate format that we teach is based on the guidelines set forth by the NCFCA, although we strongly emphasize the real-world implications of the newly learned communication skills.


The two types of debate taught at HSDC are Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy.

Lincoln Douglas (LD) is a one on one debate on values. The LD topic for the 2014-2015 NCFCA competition season is: “In the realm of economics, freedom ought to be valued above equity.”

Team Policy (TP) is a two on two debate on specific policies. The TP topic for the 2014-2015 NCFCA competition season is: “The United States should significantly reform its policy toward one or more countries in the Middle East.”

Students of both types of debate, in addition to becoming familiar with the NCFCA format and the year’s topic, will learn important argumentation skills with a strong emphasis on constructive discussion, instead of a “win at any cost” mentality. Debate competition is a great way to hone one’s skills, but winning is far less important than learning how to argue in a way that brings forth truth, whichever side you find yourself on.



The NCFCA recognizes eleven individual speech events, which are divided into the three main categories of Platform Speaking, Interpretive Speaking, and Limited Preparation Speaking. Students will be introduced to all of these speech events in the first semester of the class, and each student will be given the opportunity to revise and polish a favorite speech by the end of the year. The second semester is focused on the continuing improvement of a few select speeches, with the expectation that students will be competing in the NCFCA.

There are three categories of speeches:

Platform Speaking events are based on informing the audience of something or persuading them to think a certain way. These original prepared speech events can be formal or informal, and have the possibility to be aided by visuals or humor.

Interpretive Speaking events are based on bringing a published work to life, with an original spin, or an exposition of a moral. These speeches are acted by oneself, or as a team of two, and can be serious, inspirational, and/or humorous.

Limited Preparation Speaking events are impromptu, meaning that the speaker is given a topic and a set amount of time to prepare and give a speech on it. Each event differs in how much prepared material and time is allowed. These speeches can be on random topics, Christian apologetics, or current events.

Specific speech event information can be found at


The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) is a national organization that facilitates speech and debate competitions across the country. In order to further improve our skills, HSDC participates in the NCFCA. And while competition is not mandatory for students, it is highly encouraged.

More information about the NCFCA can be found at their website:


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